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Age : 2 mONTHS

Baby Boy

$ 2,700
Age : 2 months

baby boy 2

Age : 2 months

baby boy 3

Age : 2 months

baby boy 4

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Frequently Ask Questions

Natural oils and debris can build up on their skin, so bathing every two to three months is essential to their grooming. Because of their unique, curled ears, regular cleaning and inspection is important to prevent any wax build-up or infections.

Though Elf cats are hairless, they still have dander, which is what those with allergies are actually allergic to, not the hair itself. So hairless cats can still trigger allergies.

Sphynx Elf cats are great for families and multi-pet households. They are friendly and affectionate, playful and fun.

It is important to feed any pet a healthy, well-balanced diet. We feed our cats raw meat, which they love, along with hard and soft food. We encourage any adopters to continue feeding them in the same manner.

For the well-being of a Sphynx Elf cat, you must provide a warm and comfortable environment, especially during colder seasons. Heated pet beds are available from many retailers and are great to have for a Sphynx cat.

The Sphynx Elf cat has a lifespan from eight to 14 years.