The Sphynx Elf Cat is unique and extraordinary with its distinct, hairless body and charming personality that sets them apart from other cat breeds.

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Dedicated to breeding Elf cats, Sphynx Elf Cattery provides a nurturing environment for our cats to grow in love and care, before finding their fur-ever home.

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When kittens are around two months of age, they are ready to leave our cattery and find a loving home.

Age : 2 mONTHS

Baby Boy

Age : 2 Months

Baby boy 2

Age : 2 months

baby boy 3

Age : 2 months

baby boy 4

Why own a Sphynx Elf cat?

Originating in 2006 and a cross between the Canadian Sphynx and the American Curl, this hybrid feline is known for their hairless body, like the Sphynx, and curled ears, like the Curl. Their ears give them an “elf-like” appearance, hence the name. Because of their uniqueness, Elf cats are a sought-after breed throughout the world.

Reason #1

They’re unique. Their hairless, large almond-shaped eyes, curled ears, slender bodies, and agile tail make for an enchanting look.

Reason #2

They are loving. Known to bond strongly with their humans, Elf cats are affectionate and social in nature. Their love runs deep for their families and their devotion is strong.

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Emily Morales Toronto

We're soo happy with our kittens. The team at Sphynx Elf Cattery was extremely helpful.

Scarlett Johnson Vaughan

The kitten was beautiful. We were looking everywhere and happy we came across Sphynx Elf Cattery. Thank you!